The Designer

As a designer, I love the space in between art and décor and to examine the point at which they begin to intersect, finding the things that blur the boundaries. I view the world with the eyes of an artist, and love the challenge to fill a room with objects that push the very definition of décor.

When I was a young girl, my sister and I spent long afternoons re-arranging our bedroom furniture and stitching entire wardrobes for our stuffed animals. The forest around our childhood home became a kind of fantasy playmate as we investigated anthills; stock piled acorns, and searched endlessly for the perfect daisy to make chains.

My parents were both artists and supported my tireless curiosity of how to make things with my hands. They exposed us to every art process, live theater, and any museum within a 500-mile radius to teach us that art was not always on a canvas. During my youth, my mother ran two successful businesses and my father taught drawing at a university, they were the first examples that showed me it is possible to thrive on a path of creativity.

The initial inspiration for my current work draws on an earlier art piece called Spot Shifting. I think of this installation as the seed from which all my current work grows. In this large-scale installation, a massive Elizabethan-inspired white collar filled a 10 by 12 foot gallery space; suspended above a floor sprouting with hundreds of handmade soft sculpture plants and flowers.

I earned my MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and exhibited as an installation artist for fifteen years, receiving many accolades for my work. Then in 2003, I launched a successful children’s apparel & room decor company, called b.delicious, inspired by the birth of my first daughter. The work I am engaged in now is the product of many years of refining the site-specific ways of working I explored in Spot Shifting. The magic happens when my imagination meets a new space and is sparked by a conversation between my aesthetic and the client’s needs.

I have always been compelled to make objects, turning things inside out, taking them apart to see how they work and how I might recreate them. Creating custom art pieces and designing interiors that stretch from sophisticated to whimsical —and back again is endlessly exciting. This range of expression provides a natural platform for me to make innovative objects, while pulling together a room that is smart, memorable and comfortable to live in.

I welcome new challenges and love to make any idea, big or small, a reality. As a client, you can trust that I will rise to any challenge and deliver something extraordinary and special, made just for you and your unique space. I am the self-proclaimed queen of the design philosophy “make it work.”